Vacation rental Property Mangment with Airbnb

If you Own a Vacation rental Condo unit, Congratulation you have Made a great Decision. Over the last few years, short-term rental site like Airbnb has become a go-to solution for those looking to rent and rent out their homes and condos to tourists and business travellers when visiting South Florida. Opera Tower is a Perfect match of location, Luxury and Value . More and more people are asking about buying a property at Hotel Condos for Airbnb, especially after looking at the numbers. Roughly - One Bedrooms rent out for $1900 per month vs $150 per night on Airbnb.

Vacation Rental Property management

How It Works

Three Levels of Protection for You

Protection against the unexpected

We are fully covered up to $1 Million in property damage and liability Coverage

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Guest's Credit Card On File

Like a hotel, our guest pay in Advance and leave a Credit Card Deposit.

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Our Security Deposit with the Property Owner

like a normal tenet we will give you one-month security deposit.

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Real Estate Investing with Airbnb

Chances are, you are better off renting your investment property out on Airbnb fulltime than getting a traditional tenant.

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"Chances are, you are better off renting to an Airbnb host than getting a traditional tenant."

Christopher Nole - Hollywood, FL

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