Five types of Miami Airbnb Investments

There’s no doubt that Airbnb and other property-sharing sites have changed the way we travel and Invest. The demand for hotels and short-term rentals represents a great opportunity for South Florida Real Estate Investors.


Single Family Home, Airbnb Investment.

In the right location, this is a great option, Pro's, Single Family Airbnbs are easier to manage than a Condo and can have more value than a duplex. Con's, Increased security risk, potential party pad. higher costs and less zoning flexibility.


Airbnb Condo Investment

An Airbnb Condo is a great investment. but the risk is high.

Pro the condo amenities ( pool and Gym) really add to the guest's experience. Also, some times the utilities are included in your HOA dues (cable & Internet ). Con's, The Condo Assocation can turn your business off in a flash.

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Multi -Unit Commercial Airbnb investments

Greatest Income Potential - Sky the limit. Pro's, a cash flow Cow. Con's, high cost and direct competition with Hotels.

Airbnb Duplex or Triplex

Airbnb duplex or Triplex 

This option has great Income potential and in some cases way cheaper than and single-family home or condo. Pro's higher income and more zoning flexibility. Con's security, potential parties.


Alternative Airbnb Accommodation

From urban camping to airstreams. There are no rules!

Aribnb Duplex or triplex

Great Income Potential

Find a duplex for Airbnb

Airbnb Condos

Great value, but can be more work

Find Airbnb friendly condo miami

Single Family Home Airbnb

Simple and in your control ..

find Great Airbnb Properties in Miami