Airbnb Investing

Over the last few years, short-term rental site Airbnb has become a go-to solution for those looking to rent and rent out their homes and condos to tourists and business travellers when visiting South Florida. It provides a cheaper solution to the tenant, and an increased return for the investor. Wait.... not just an increased return, but double or almost triple the return. More and more people are asking about buying a property for Airbnb especially after looking at the numbers. Roughly - One Bedrooms rent out for $1,400 per month vs $120 per night on Airbnb.

Three Levels of Protection for You

Protection against the unexpected

We are fully covered up to $1 Million in property damage and liability Coverage

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Guest's Credit Card On File

Like a hotel, our guest pay in Advance and leave a Credit Card Deposit.

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Our Security Deposit with the Property Owner

like a normal tenet we will give you one-month security deposit.

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"Chances are, you are better off renting to an Airbnb host than getting a traditional tenant."

Christopher Nole - Hollywood, FL


Real Estate Investing with Airbnb

Chances are, you are better off renting your investment property out on Airbnb fulltime than getting a traditional tenant.

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